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As a Frontrunner in the technology and IT industry, FIST AG tackles new challenges with high speed and precision, developing solutions to urgent and current problems and challenges. Basic research is the foundation for creating our technology concepts that give us the edge in knowledge to move forward in the search for solutions – along with our worldwide academic network.

The creation of intelligent solutions for different industries requires an understanding of the needs of the respective industries. Whether cyber security, medical technology or the latest Big Data technologies – the rapid changes in requirements due to the rapidly growing possibilities force new approaches to unexplored tasks. FIST AG is able to offer intelligent products and services through constant and intensive research and vulnerability analysis, with pioneering ideas.

The focus of our efforts is always on Swiss interests. FIST AG is a Zurich-based company that has access to an international academic and collaborative global network of America, Europe and Asia to best serve the interests of Swiss companies. Even the production of our products is carried out in Switzerland. The true Swiss interests happen in all sectors of our product and service portfolio. In addition to our own developments, we work with global partners to provide solutions for the current local requirements.

By using the latest technologies FIST AG can offer solutions for new challenges. The product and service portfolio includes technological advanced applications for current and acute societal and business challenges. Both in cyber security, in existing agricultural and medical products as well as in new developments, the goal of FIST AG is to be the pioneer in a rapidly growing and constantly changing environment. And we do everything to achieve this goal.



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