Neuromodulation is the effect of electrical impulses on parts of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system. Neuromodulation is performed by implantation of epidural electrodes. The electrode is a stranded wire with multiple contacts on one side (4 to 16) and a connector on the other side. It helps to improve the motor functions of the patient and is able to suppress tremors. Every year, more than 100,000 neuromodulation devices are implanted worldwide. According to the statements of the Group of Functional Neurosurgery at the Nikolay Nilovich Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute, today in the Russian Federation between 897,400 to 1,100,500, patients need to undergo such a treatment.

Our devices provide resistance to external electromagnetic fields at a reduced size compared to existing devices, optimal pulse generator shape, interfaces to peripheral devices (setting up and retrieving information is possible even with a smartphone). All of these improvements are based on interviewing the patients and taking into account the experiences that were requested from medical staff. It was previously not impossible to perform MRI diagnoses after implanting neurostimulation systems because existing ones had a too small internal energy sources and did not fit the dimensions.

Despite increased demand, manufacturers of neurostimulation devices have not advanced their neurostimulator modules in the last decade, while old models continue to be manufactured and used with high demand. Due to outdated technologies, it is unfortunately impossible to carry out MRI diagnostics after implantation of the neuroimulation system. In addition, the devices have barely compatible interfaces to use peripheral device settings and controls.

Neurostimulation creates new possibilities, such as the use of composite materials of the human body, the use of new technologies in batteries, the use of new standards for wireless charging, minimization of system components, creation of Bluetooth low energy standards, etc. The development of neurostimulation is taking into account the recommendations of doctors and their experience.

Neurostimulation is used in disorders of muscle tone, voluntary movements and postures of various causes of severe chronic pain syndromes, neuralgia of the trigeminal and other cranial nerves, and a variety of other disorders. In 1987, the worldwide era of neuromodulation began. There are currently 700 neuromodulation centers worldwide.